Healthy and Delicious Food

At Bear Hugs Nursery we believe that healthy fresh food makes a big difference to your child’s development.

Our delicious and healthy meals are all cooked on site from the freshest ingredients we can find, ask our chef. Mealtimes are also fun where our children learn social skills by eating together, working together and sharing together. Not forgetting providing the energy for the next exciting activity.

Our meals are all homemade and varied which give the children the opportunity to try a wide variety of tastes and textures.

 If your child  cannot eat certain foods, we always provide a vegetarian option and can adapt our menu to suit any allergies or intolerances your child may have.

Our staff are qualified to follow any weaning programme you are following at home and our menu is adapted for our youngest children to include all stages of weaning including baby led.

Mealtimes are one of our favourite parts of the day, and a great learning experience for the children. Staff sit and eat with the children which helps creates a safe and relaxed environment